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Mountain Sound Builders’ home remodeling will help you create a space you’ll love for a very long time. We’ll walk you through the process, step by step to make your house your home.

We're Asheville's Home Remodeling Contractors

Corey started a remodeling business about 20 years ago that took below par structures in Asheville and changed them into homes where families could thrive.  Today, remodeling is still part of what MSB loves to do, lifting the spirit out of the original home while combining modern efficiency and vision.

Mountain Sound Builders is an excellent organization. Corey Black and his wife Anne are true construction experts who are not only highly organized but also are honest, reliable, and trustworthy. During the renovation and new construction of our house at 70 Vermont Avenue, we worked closely with our architect, Corey and Anne, and Mountain Sound Builders' employees and sub-contractors. Consequently, we were able to observe the construction process from conception to completion.

Archibald and Phyllis M.Home Remodel

Mountain Sound Builders was our contractor for two major project in the Asheville area during 2018 and 2019 -- one new build and one major rebuild. Corey Black, and his team at Mountain Sound Builders, worked with us from the date of land purchases to the certificates of occupancy, providing complete design and construction expertise from start to finish, and within budget. We are delighted with the results as well as with the process, and recommend Mountain Sound Builders for any new construction or rebuilding project.

Nancy N.New Home and Full Remodel

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